Banjo’s Mother – A History Uncovered… Boree Nyrang Molong

When Emily Mary Darval married Robert Barton in 1840, they moved to Boree Nyrang near Molong in NSW here they raised eight children. The second eldest daughter, Rose, was Banjo Paterson’s mother. Emily’s husband, Robert Barton, died in August 1863 and Boree Nyrang was sold. She then moved with her six younger children to Rockend in Gladesville.

The original Barton homestead stood beside the permanent waters of Boree Creek in a picturesque setting. Today nothing is left of the homestead, only a few pieces of broken China, stones and bricks. The historic site is well worth a visit.

See the new and the old Boree Nyrang with a tour being conducted during the Banjo Paterson Australian Poetry Festival. The tour will be on Saturday 16th February between 2-4pm. Gold Coin Donation. Enquiries – 02 6361 1920.

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