Edward Harrington’s Homage to “Banjo” in Poem

With Anzac Day later this week it’s time to give some thought to the many thousands of Australians who served in the First World War. Many of those who served never came home and a large number were scarred for life – both mentally and physically.

One such soldier was Edward Harrington from Geelong in Victoria who was returned to Australia injured. He was pensioned off and never worked again. Injured more than once in WW1, Edward Harrington rode into history as he was amongst the very brave Australian Light Horsemen who charged the Gates of Beersheba into a wall of machine guns. The Horsemen captured the Wells of Beersheba providing the much needed water for troops and horses ultimately changing the outcome of the Desert War.

This great Australian wrote many very good poems over the years but as with so many, his name and works are lost in time. We are very privileged at the Banjo Exhibition in Yeoval to have several copies of his books and to have on the counter give away copies of his poem “Banjo” published several days after Banjo Paterson died.

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